Catálogo 2013 de la editorial británica Pluto Press

en el cual se anuncia para finales del año la salida de la traducción de mi libro Subalternidad, antagonismo, autonomía. Marxismos y subjetivación polìtica, con un prólogo de John Holloway.

Subalternity, antagonism, autonomy. Constructing the Political Subject

Massimo Modonesi. Foreword by John holloway

In this bold and innovative book, Massimo Modonesi weaves together theory and political practice by relating the concepts of subalternity, antagonism and autonomy to contemporary movements in Latin America and elsewhere.

In a sophisticated account, Modonesi reconstructs the debates between Marxist authors and schools of thought in order to sketch out informed strategies of resistance. He reviews the works of Gramsci, Negri, Castoriadis and Lefort, and engages with the arguments made by E. P. Thompson, Spivak, Laclau and Mouffe.

Subalternity, Antagonism, Autonomy firmly roots key theoretical arguments from a range of critical thinkers within specific political movements in order to recover these concepts as analytical instruments which can help to guide contemporary struggles.

december 2013

240pp 215mm x 135mm
Pb 978-0-7453-3405-9 £22.99
hb 978-0-7453-3406-6 £70
epub 978-1-8496-4970-4 £22.99 Kindle 978-1-8496-4971-1 £22.99


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