Gramsci a Bruxelles


Bruxelles, European Parliament (ASP 1G2); 18 October 14.30-20.00 – 19 October 15.00-18.30 organised by GUE/NGL with International Gramsci Society Italia

Gramsci in translation: Crisis, hegemony and revolution in today’s Europe


Wednesday 18 October – 14.30-20.00 (ASP 1G2)

Welcoming greetings   Gabi Zimmer (President of Gue/Ngl); Introductory remarks  Eleonora Forenza (Mep Gue/Ngl – Altra Europa)

1) The neo-liberal hegemonic apparatuses: European governance and the nation-state

Chair: Marisa Matias (Mep Gue/Ngl – Bloco de Esquerda);

Fabio Frosini (University of Urbino – Igs Italia); Guido Liguori (University of Calabria – President Igs Italia); Dolores Morondo Taramundi (University of Deusto – Bilbao)

2) People, populisms, (inter)national-popular: From subalternity to self-determination

Chair: Nikos Kountis (Mep Gue/Ngl – Popular Unity)

Massimo Modonesi (National University of Mexico – Igs); Maite Mola (Vice-President of the Party of the European Left); Panagiotis Sotiris (University of Athens)

Coffee break

3) How is common sense shaped today? Mass media and the struggle for hegemony

Chair: Curzio Maltese (Mep Gue/Ngl – Altra Europa)

Montserrat Galcerán Huguet (Complutense University of Madrid); Samuele Mazzolini (University of Essex); Paula Velasco (University of Sevilla)

 General discussion introduced by Francesco Campolongo (University of Calabria– Igs Italia)

Thursday 19 October 15-18.30 (ASP 1G2) Final round table

One century after October 1917: the method of revolution today

Chair: Eleonora Forenza (Mep Gue/Ngl – Altra Europa)

Valentina Cuppi (Igs Italia); Brais Fernández (Viento Sur); Gianfranco Rebucini (École des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales –EHESS – Paris); José Sarrión Andaluz (Izquierda Unida); Peter D. Thomas (Brunel University – London); Miguel Urbán Crespo (Podemos)

General and open discussion

Final remarks: Eleonora Forenza (Mep Gue/Ngl – Altra Europa)


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